2021 Resolutions: My Three Favorite Pieces of Advice from Medium

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It’s no surprise that Medium is flooded with advice on how to leverage new year’s resolutions. With 2021 around the corner, we’re all eager to leave the past year behind and start afresh. For the past week, I’ve been combing through article upon article about resolutions. Although the new year hasn’t come around yet, I wanted to share the words of wisdom that most resonated with me.

1. Don’t wait for the new year to roll around. This one comes from Shaunta Grimes. One of my goals this year is to write 100 blog posts. I’ve put this one to the test and have been blogging daily since reading her insightful article.

2. Use numbers to describe your resolutions. I came across this valuable piece of advice by Kyrie Gray. I like this one because it helps you avoid vague goals. I had already set the 100 blog post goal. Gray’s words confirmed my intuitions.

3. Use routines to frame your resolutions. Nick Wignall does a great job explaining why this will make your habits stick. What actionable steps can you take daily or weekly to implement your resolutions? For me, it will be blogging at least thirty minutes immediately after breakfast.

Good luck, everyone, with your resolutions!

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